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We are the first fully digital insurance carrier that empowers innovative commercial Property & Casualty (P&C) distributors to offer smart tailor made solutions.

We are a pioneering insurance company for Property & Casualty (P&C) that leverage cutting-edge technology.


Our automated technology interface provides distributors (MGA & Brokers) with the efficient solutions they need

Our capital-efficient business model allows for rapid scaling

Our capital-efficient business model allows for rapid scaling

The insurance industry is greatly impacted by the lack of quality data that it has difficulty managing.

Hesse Digital solves poor data quality and management issues with its digital-first approach.

Granular data improves margins for Hesse Digital. Digitalization increases volume and lowers cost for distributors.

Investors profit from the value created through reinsurance contracts. Multiple major reinsurance companies reinsure our diversified portfolio.

Strong market demand proven by already established partnerships: Hesse Digital already onboarded leading European Distributors.

Partnerships already exist with the following:

  • Mobile Garantie (DE/OE/NL)
  • Qover (BE)
  • Insercle (CH)
  • International Assistance Group (FR)
  • Ayax (ES)
  • Novus (BE/UK)
  • Helvetic Warranty (CH)
  • Greco (OE)
  • EPG Global (NL/UK)

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